• Last month, NASA declared that the Opportunity mission had come to an end, after the rover succumbed to a dust storm. Now, the final images have been sent back, including a 360-degree panorama of the area around what became its final resting place – a region ironically known as Perseverance Valley.
  • After nearly 15 years, NASA's Opportunity Mars rover mission has come to an end as the space agency announced today that is has discontinued the eight-month recovery effort to revive the silent unmanned explorer and officially declared the Mars Exploration Rover's mission completed.
  • NASA is starting a more aggressive campaign to reawaken the Opportunity​ Mars rover, which has been silent since June 10, 2018. It will send a series of radio commands aimed at getting the robotic explorer to reactivate or bypass systems that may have been shut down when it lost power.
  • ​NASA's Opportunity rover celebrated a bittersweet anniversary marking 15 years since the rover arrived on Mars. On January 24, 2004, the robotic explorer set down on the Red Planet, but continues its radio silence that began on June 10, 2018 when it was engulfed in a global dust storm.
  • Though there has been no contact with the Opportunity Mars rover since June 10 and a 45-day rescue operation has not produced any response from the robotic vehicle, the space agency says that it is extending recovery attempts until at least January 2019.
  • Though NASA's Opportunity Mars rover remains silent after a global dust storm, the space agency has located the robotic explorer. Images returned by a NASA orbiter show Opportunity as a tiny object on the slopes of Perseverance Valley, where it has sat since radio contact was lost over 100 days ago.
  • With the Martian skies clearing after a months-long global dust storm, NASA has started a 45-day operation to send radio signals via the Deep Space Network to the Opportunity Mars rover in hopes of reawakening it.
  • The global dust storm the has enveloped Mars since last May is beginning to die down and the question is, what's happened with the Opportunity rover? The solar-powered robotic explorer has been silent since June 10 and NASA is looking at whether the rover will be able to wake up again.
  • Things aren't looking good for the Opportunity rover as the global dust storm socking Mars looks set to continue into September. Mission control continues a daily listening brief in hope that the unmanned explorer will radio home, but no response has been heard since June 18. recharge its batteries.
  • Things are looking very unpleasant for NASA's Opportunity rover as the dust storm raging on Mars is officially classed as "global." Contact with the unmanned explorer has been out for over a week, and the dust is depriving the rover of electrical power, reducing its chances of survival.
  • As a giant dust storm roars across a quarter of the face of Mars, NASA's Opportunity rover is facing possible extinction. NASA engineers announced today that mission control has lost contact with the unmanned probe as the storm prevents the craft's solar panels from charging its batteries.
  • NASA's Opportunity Mars rover rides out a giant dust storm that is blotting out the Sun. The storm, which is much worse than originally thought, is preventing the solar panels from recharging the veteran probe's batteries, but mission control received a signal on Sunday morning.
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