• With new consumer tech, it's often the case that big corporations will join the party once smaller startups have tested the waters. Such is the case with major manufacturer Sea-Doo, which has just announced its upcoming Rise electric hydrofoil board.
  • Sea-Doo gets a little less "personal" with its watercraft lineup, launching the Switch family of pontoons. The Switch remains Sea-Doo to the core, bringing together PWC-style handlebar steering and a Rotax jet drive, along with a modular deck design.
  • They’re expensive, but quirky weekend toys open the door to a world of fun beyond what cars can offer. BRC, parent to Can-Am and Seadoo, has been busy keeping its lineup of weekend warriors fresh and ready for fun, unleashing a new Can-Am Spyder and Maverick alongside an updated Sea-Doo Spark.
  • The Spark is by far the least powerful jet ski you can buy. It's also much, much lighter than its competition, giving it a competitive power to weight ratio and some unique handling abilities. And it burns just over a tenth of the fuel the big boys do. Loz Blain and Noel McKeegan take it for a spin.
  • Half the price, half the weight and half the power of a regular midrange jet ski, the Spark delivers 90% of the fun of a more expensive PWC in a way that's much more accessible and attractive to newcomers. It also burns nearly ten times less fuel than the big boys. Loz and Noel ride the new Sea-Doo.
  • Bombadier Recreational Products has revealed the all-new Sea-Doo Search and Rescue, a personal watercraft built specifically for water rescue operations. The new PWC is built with the strength and stability necessary for pulling people out of rough, deadly water.
  • UPDATED IMAGE LIBRARY - The Personal Watercraft (PWC) market is in the grip of a horsepower “arms race” with a rash of new machinery announcements including a 342 bhp 2.2 litre V6-engined PWC from Austrian company HSR-Benelli and a 308 bhp 2.2 litre V8-engined PWC from the famous Italian MV Agusta m