Bombadier Recreational Products (BRP) has revealed the all-new Sea-Doo Search and Rescue, a personal watercraft built specifically for water rescue operations. Developed with input from fire rescue personnel and other end users, the Sea-Doo SAR is built with the strength and stability necessary for pulling people out of rough, deadly water.

The typical personal watercraft will see a lot of recreational use under sunny skies. The Sea-Doo SAR, on the other hand, needs to survive much harsher conditions, such as choppy oceans, raging rivers, flood zones and rocky coastlines. It's been reinforced with a heavy-duty front bumper and a 2.8-mm elastomer hull coating. The shallow water navigation kit includes an anti-debris intake grate and an internal heat exchanger with shock-protected cooling system. The dual sponsons on the flanks widen the vessel, increasing buoyancy and stability, while the running boards on top provide sure footing.

Up front, a set of navigation lights provides for better visibility in variable conditions. A carbon fiber rear mast adds a navigation light behind the driver. The SAR can be outfitted with an optional rescue sled, providing added space for pulling victims to safety on the three-seater.

The SAR is powered by a 1.5-liter Rotax four-stroke engine designed for both fresh and salt water use. The default Sport setting delivers the best possible acceleration and performance straight off the dock. BRP calls the Intelligent Braking & Reverse system the "world's only on-water braking system" and says it allows the Sea-Doo to stop up to 100 feet (30 m) sooner than competing watercraft. The elevated fueling system allows for easier refueling and decreases the potential for water leak-ins. Options include a sandbag anchor, front dry bag and removable storage bin.

In addition to rescue agencies that run surf, river and flood operations, BRP is marketing the SAR at those that handle evacuation, surveillance and interception. It introduced the model at this month's Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis.

The video below shows it in dramatized action.

Source: BRP

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