World's Smallest

  • ​According to its creators, the currently-crowdfunding PocketSprite is the world’s smallest playable emulation device. It isn't just tiny, though – it plays all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Game Gear games, plus users can upload other games via Wi-Fi.
  • ​We've already seen bracelets that monitor the wearer's exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Now, L’Oréal has teamed up with Northwestern University to create a thumbnail-mounted gadget that does the same job. According to the university, it is the world's smallest wearable device.
  • While myFC's PowerTrekk fuel cell/battery is a handy device for off-grid device-charging, it's not exactly the type of thing that you'd just slip into a purse or pocket. The company’s new JAQ, however, is exactly that. It's being billed as the world's smallest fuel cell charger.​
  • Lance Abernethy, a maintenance engineer from Auckland, New Zealand has 3D-printed a working circular saw that fits in a briefcase slightly bigger than a thumbnail. It took him less than an hour to print the entire thing.
  • According to its manufacturers, the human-powered A-Bike is the world's smallest, lightest folding bicycle. It's certainly also one of the strangest-looking. Now, a group of entrepreneurs are hoping to extend its claims to the world of e-bikes, with the A-Bike Electric.
  • Phase One Industrial has revealed an 80 megapixel medium format drone camera called the iXU 180 that's aimed at gyro-copter and ultralight enterprise users such as aerial mappers and arctic researchers and features a block body that's not much wider than the lens it accommodates.
  • Should you ever feel the need to carefully bore a hole through the top layer of skin on your finger, there's now a drill that can do it. Using his Ultimaker 2 3D printer, Auckland, New Zealand's Lance Abernethy has created what is unofficially the world's smallest working power drill.
  • The whole idea behind folding bikes is that they can be made very small and unobtrusive for transit and storage. Well, Toronto's Peter Boutakis claims that his company's Helix bike can fold smaller than any other. It's also got a snazzy lightweight titanium frame.
  • While keeping batteries small and light is definitely a factor with electronic devices in general, it becomes particularly important when dealing with wearable electronics. With that in mind, Panasonic has just announced its tiny new CG-320 battery.
  • A team of engineers has developed what they are claiming is the world's smallest wireless earbud. In creating Earin, the vision of the team, was to produce earbuds that not only did away with the messy wires and cables, but fit snugly in the ear to provide a high quality listening experience.
  • In an effort to demonstrate the potential of a new nano-scale manufacturing technology, as well to encourage young people’s interest in science and technology, IBM has unveiled the world’s smallest magazine cover at the USA Science and Engineering Festival.
  • Science
    Professor J.C. Chiao and his postdoc Dr. Smitha Rao of the University of Texas at Arlington have developed a MEMS-based nickel alloy windmill so small that 10 could be mounted on a single grain of rice. They are aimed at very-small-scale energy harvesting applications.