We’ve seen alarm clocks that make you work, think and even run in the wee hours, but here's one that actually aims to ease early morning frustration. Teach Me Time! is a talking alarm clock that's not only designed to teach children to tell the time - it can also be programmed to give them a "green light" when it's OK to get out of bed – giving parents some much needed shut-eye.

The clock is pre-programmed and has five levels of difficulty, beginning with simple hours such as three o’clock. The child presses the left button which will display an analogue time and a female voice says, “What time is it?” The child checks their answer by pressing the right button which tells them the correct time and displays the correct time in digital format at the bottom of the clock face.

As children get better at telling the time, they can progress to more difficult lessons, such as half and quarter hours and ten minute intervals. It is also possible to enter times manually, which means you can make up your own times, once the child has mastered the pre-programmed lessons.

The nightlight feature can be set to specific times, you set when it turns on (it will glow yellow), changes from yellow to green (“it’s OK to get up”) and when it turns off. The clock alarm has a cute ding-a-ling sound and it also features a ten minute snooze function. It runs on two AAA batteries and the sound and brightness settings are adjustable.

The talking alarm clock is available from American Innovative for US$39.95 plus shipping.

I'm not sure whether a glowing green clock is enough to keep a hungry toddler in bed. If only it was just as easy to set their internal body clock.

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