Quite a few people listen to music while using a treadmill, with the idea being that they'll walk/run more or less in time to the beat. Utilizing the Android-based Running Music feature on Technogym's Unity treadmill console, however, things are a little different – the music selection changes to suit the cadence of the user.

The process start with sensors on the treadmill detecting the number of steps that the user is taking per minute. Running Music then selects songs from the user's personal music library that have a similar beat, and plays them back through the console's sound system.

If the user's cadence increases then faster songs are selected, while accordingly slower tunes are chosen when the pace decreases.

Running Music is part of Technogym's Mywellness cloud-based digital platform, and is currently being demonstrated at CES. Readers might also be interested in a prototype treadmill developed at The Ohio State University, which automatically speeds up and slows down to match the user's running speed.

Source: Technogym