A long-awaited software update from Tesla adding elements of autonomy to its all-electric vehicles is set to be rolled out this week. CEO Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla Version 7 software with Autopilot is set for a worldwide release this Thursday, featuring other upgrades and a fresh new look for its user interface.

Musk outlined part of his vision for autonomous vehicles at a conference earlier this year, though he did emphasize it would be a gradual process. "It’s not going to all transition immediately," Musk said at the time. "It’ll take quite a while."

So in keeping with this outlook, the software update won't repurpose the Model S or newly launched Model X as self-driving miracle machines. Rather, it will see the integration of some semi-autonomous features, such as parking assist and autopilot on major highways, though this will still require the driver to be behind the wheel and paying attention.

In announcing the release of the software on Twitter over the weekend, Musk didn't go into great detail about the new features. He did say, however, that following "lots of upgrades and a new look" in version 7, the 7.1 update will include a larger overhaul of the main user interface.

The Autopilot software was first released to a number of beta testers in August and Musk says the update will take around five days to roll out to customers around the world. The update will function the same across both the Model S and Model X.

Source: Twitter

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