Tesla made quite a statement when it finally unveiled its all-electric long hauler last year, listing some truly impressive numbers in terms of range and acceleration. The might of the Tesla Semi's is now being put to the test, with a production model rolling out of the Gigafactory with a load onboard for the very first time.

When announcing the Tesla Semi back in November, Elon Musk claimed the truck would be able to accelerate to 97 km/h (60 mph) in five seconds flat when empty, putting it in the realm of some sports cars. When fully loaded to its capacity of 80,000 lb (36,288 kg), it would still only take 20 seconds.

Range, meanwhile, is listed at an astonishing 500 mi (805 km) on a single charge, while fully loaded and traveling 65 mph (104 km/h). Musk said that this range should cover the majority of round trips, noting that 80 percent of long-haul routes are less than 250 mi (400 km).

But not the trip from Tesla's Gigafactory in the Nevada mountains to its factory in California. Well, not quite. The production model Tesla Semi has now started hauling battery packs along the 260-mi (420-km) route today, Musk revealed on Instagram, marking the truck's first real outing with cargo onboard.

There's no telling yet how the trucks performed en route, or whether they had to stop to be recharged along the way. But with hundreds of the trucks already on preorder from a clientele that includes Walmart, UPS and DHL, time will tell how well it stands up (if Tesla can overcome its manufacturing issues, that is).

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