TetonX builds trailers inspired by the rugged alpine rock of its namesake mountain range and the prickly desert surrounding its headquarters in St. George, Utah. Its Off-Axis and Jake trailers are built tough enough to survive the most remote slices of those foreboding places while still offering a good night's sleep and a trio of warm meals per day. With multiple slide-outs and available amenities like a TV, audio system and OXX coffeemaker, campers will find themselves enjoying the spoils of modern life in those hardest-to-reach outdoor spaces.

A young, two-year-old company, TetonX joins the new wave of Utah trailer makers storming the market. In just the past few weeks, we've also looked at Northern Utah-based Escapod and Bean. TetonX is located a bit farther off the beaten path, in the middle of Southwest Utah's world-famous red rock country, a land perfectly crafted by nature's hand for off-road adventures and expeditions of all sizes.

The Off-Axis reigned as TetonX's flagship for a while, but cedes the crown to the all-new Hybrid, which made its debut at Overland Expo West this past weekend (we'll be looking at that model more fully in a future article). Atop its powder-coated steel frame, the Off-Axis wears a familiar but distinctive body that mixes several other popular trailer shapes into one – a bit of curvy teardrop in back, a bit basic cube along the walls and roofline, and a bit rugged, polygonal box trailer up front.

The Off-Axis' feature package is similarly familiar but reshuffled in a way unlike the typical trailer. Instead of the very common tailgate galley that you can all but take for granted on a small, teardrop-like trailer, the Off-Axis has a compact trunk with cooler/refrigerator compartment, electrical sockets and water tank hookup. This trunk area teams with the detachable countertop over the driver-side fender to create a functional kitchen. The counter includes a simple collapsible bowl sink and some open worktop, and water runs to the sink through the 6-ft (1.8-m) hose that doubles as a shower and spray cleaner. The sprayer is fed by a 12V pump and 7-gal (26.5-L) fresh water tank.

The Off-Axis also has the option of a passenger-side slide-out with storage cabinets. A slide-out OXX Coffeebox electric coffeemaker can fit on this slide, providing an easy morning camp coffee solution, albeit one that requires the help of a 2,000-W generator (not included). In addition to making coffee, the OXX box includes a separate spout for delivering hot water for the likes of tea and cooking.

TetonX can also stock your off-grid kitchen with an Engel roto-molded cooler or Dometic CFX 50W fridge/freezer with Wi-Fi monitoring and control. For cooking, it has the available Eureka Spire portable camping stove with modular expansion capabilities. The stove's JetLink connection lets you hook up other single burners or stoves to be used from the single fuel container, streamlining your cook station. The rectangular Rhino-Rack Sunseeker 2.0 or 270-degree Rhino-Rack Batwing awning provides shade for cooking, dining and outdoor relaxation.

The basic 108-in-long (2,743-mm) Off-Axis trailer comes with a 2,000-lb (907-kg) Timbren axle-less suspension, 15-in alloy wheels, 31-in BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires, a single door, opening windows on either side, electric drum brakes, a roof rack and powder-coated steel fenders. It also has a queen-size mattress, interior cabinetry, and the side and rear storage areas (slides are optional). The 1,350-lb (612-kg) base trailer is all wired up for mobile power with an AGM battery, smart charger, and outlets and LED lighting throughout. That base model prices in at US$13,995.

In order to enjoy some or all of the aforementioned features and amenities, you'll need to add on one of three options packages. The most robust of the three, the EZI-X3, adds an upgraded electrical system with larger AGM battery, the removable worktop with collapsible sink, the water tank and sprayer system, the OXX Coffeeboxx, a tongue box for added storage, the Dometic fridge/freezer, the Eureka camp stove, the 270-degree Batwing awning, the TV/DVD entertainment system, a built-in exterior marine-grade Bluetooth audio system with dual 6.5-in speakers, and a few other upgrades. That package adds $5,995 to the $13,995 base price, putting you just under $20,000 out the door.

We know from experience that some of our readers prefer trailers to be simple and cheap, without all the bells and whistles, and TetonX offers that in its Jake trailer. This compact off-road trailer weighs as little as 700 lb (318 kg) and measures 86 in (2,184 mm) long. It features steel tube-frame construction, Timbren suspension, 14-in alloy wheels, and choice of UTV or road-ready tires. The basic shell runs $5,995, and the $995 EZI-J1 package adds basic features like a mattress, outdoor kitchen, and a Rhino-Rack dome awning, putting you under $7K all in.

TetonX also offers a variety of à la carte accessories and equipment, including roof-top tents, roof racks, gear mounts, and fridge and stove alternatives.

As mentioned earlier, TetonX grew even larger over the weekend with the introduction of the Hybrid trailer, a big off-road pop-top with all kinds of equipment sliding and popping off its sides. We still need to verify a couple of details on that model, so we're holding it for a separate article, but here's a first look:

Source: TetonX

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