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The AddMirror - highly effective ambient media

The AddMirror - highly effective ambient media
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December 19, 2006 The world of ambient media seems to grow more crowded by the day, as advertisers seek an opportunity to cut through the clutter of the myriad adverts which have dulled our awareness to them. In terms of attention, there are few more effective mediums than the mirror where everyone becomes the centre of their own attention. So we’re pleased to report that the most effective medium in history now takes advertising. Addirect was founded in 2003 with the idea of bringing together advertising and technical innovation to create highly-targeted ambient media and they have certainly achieved that with the AddMirror. Working exactly like a regular mirror, The AddMirror reveals up to six A4-sized “hidden” advertisements using pre-set lighting sequences. The rationale behind The AddMirror is that it’s a dynamic medium for advertisers that compels audiences to engage with their creative work. Simply put, people looking in washroom mirrors cannot fail to see their adverts. Moreover, AddMirrors are strategically located in sites that guarantee high visitor traffic.

Building on the existing great success of the AddMirror, currently operated in 600 high end style bars and nightclubs in London, the company is currently establishing partnerships with several international media owners to ensure the global rollout of the concept.

Addirect have been operating in the UK for just over a year, have now launched the product in The USA and South Africa and are opening a further 15 offices internationally over the next 6 months. Interested parties should contact Ben Grant, Managing Director of Addirect.

“People have really engaged with it, and our research has shown that they remember well what’s being advertised”, said Grant. “This is not a novelty product, but a medium which will be every bit as viable in years to come as a poster or billboard.”

A recent study on the AddMirror carried out by The University of Cambridge has proven that 63% of people visiting a washroom with an AddMirror were able to recall the specific advertiser. This study shows The AddMirror is one of the most effective forms of Outdoor Advertising in the marketplace today.

Addirect installs its AddMirrors into the washrooms of high end bars and nightclubs with very good levels of traffic. This enables advertisers to reach the elusive 18-34 year old high spending demographic.

Toby Heiser, Media Buyer at Manning Gottlieb OMD, commenting on a recent Columbia Tristar campaign, said: "The AddMirror has proved a very effective advertising medium – people cannot help but look at our adverts. It gives Colombia Tristar high visibility among its target audience, primarily young professionals with high disposable income.”

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