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The Alcowatch wristwatch alcohol tester

The Alcowatch wristwatch alcohol tester
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August 9, 2006 Alcohol and road-use don’t mix, and tens of thousands of human beings a year are maimed or killed due to alcohol-impaired drivers. So if you’re regularly going to drink and drive, which many of us do, then the very least you can do as a responsible human being is to ensure your blood alcohol content is below the legal limit. We’ve already written up the fascinating stand-alone Sobercheck breathalyser and we recently wrote about the LG Breathalyzer mobile phone. Well now there’s a wristwatch with a built-in breathalyser set to hit the market later this month. So die-hard booze hounds now can have their very own breathalyser on the end of their arm to ensure the only person they kill is themselves.

Manufactured and distributed by A&A Products of Hong Kong, which makes a range of breathalyser and Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIIDs) plus some real oddities such as a waterproof MP3 players and waterproof radios, Milk Bottle Thermometers and infrared thermometers, the wristwatch alcohol tester not only includes a breathalyser, it also reads ambient temperature and is expected to retail for under US$100. A&A is seeking international distributors and enquiries should be directed here.

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