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The CarvX four-wheeled carving recumbent bike

The CarvX four-wheeled carving recumbent bike
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CarvX from GBO design - engineering
CarvX from GBO design - engineering

September 25, 2008 Vehicles with a carving or tilting mechanism to assist in steering through corners make a lot of sense. We can attest to the validity of the theory following our test ride of the virtually undroppable Piaggio MP3 scooter and we've seen numerous design platforms that incorporate this approach including the VenturOne plug-in hybrid , the Xnovo three-wheeler, Brudeli's Leanster and the Lumeneo Smera. Human-powered carvers have also been spotted on the drawing-board, but we've never encountered a concept design that applies this principle to a four wheeled recumbent bicycle - until now.

The CarvX from owner/designer and inventor Rob Crins takes an aluminum frame 14-speed, four-wheeled recumbent bike and and adds four independent double wishbone suspensions, four hydraulic disc brakes and the ability to steer the machine with the aid of a tilting mechanism.

The CarvX is only a concept design at this stage, but given that recumbent bikes are already considered the fastest and most efficient mode of pedal powered transport, we'd love to see them on the streets.

Via CarvX, GBO design - engineering.

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