August 22, 2008 Further proof that innovation and compelling feel in a mobile handset do not require an Apple logo arrived from Nokia this week when it introduced the 8800 Carbon Arte, a new premium variant of the Nokia 8800 Arte range with materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel. Apart from evoking an intensely functional F1-like feel with its carbon fibre woven pattern, extreme light weight, seamless surfaces, and an almost sensual slide mechanism, the Carbon Arte has some elegant and useful functionality too. Frinstance, consumers can tap the steel surface below the display twice and a clock appears on the screen. The turn-to-mute silencing mechanism allows individuals to silence incoming calls in a discrete manner by turning the phone over, screen-side down.

The phone’s main specs include 3G, a 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera, high quality audio, an OLED display, 4 GB of built-in memory, an anti-fingerprint coating and an all-in-one microUSB connector.

Background images organically change during the day, giving a unique appearance to the display. Also available on the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte are soundtracks and wallpapers created exclusively for the range.

Enhancing the experience, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte has an equally exclusive range of accessories including a Bluetooth touch-sensitive volume control headset, a desk stand and a leather carrying case. The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte will be available next month with an estimated retail price of EUR1100 (US$1635) exclusive of subsidies and taxes.

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