December 5, 2008 The bayonet is largely a weapon of last resort - when the rifle jams, the ammunition runs out or the fighting gets to close quarters, you've still got something sharp and pointy to get the job done old-school. They've pretty much disappeared from today's more high-tech battlefields, but that doesn't mean there aren't mavericks out there still pushing the envelope - and we can't think of many inventions we've seen lately that would be more exciting to a 10-year-old schoolboy than this: the chainsaw bayonet. Whether you view this as blatant redneck idiocy or the coolest weapon in the world will largely depend on how much you enjoy wanton destruction - and if there's a more appropriate gun out there to be included in Gears Of War 3, we'd love to hear about it.

The idea is so simple we're surprised we haven't seen it before: take one AR15 semi-automatic rifle, and bolt a god-damned electric chainsaw to the front of it, thus combining 5.56mm firepower and supreme limb-hacking melee slaughter in one neat package. This could be the ultimate zombie-defense weapon for the new millennium.

The electric chainsaw seems a little underwhelming in the demonstration videos (we're not sure if an enemy combatant would be so polite as to wait there while you sawed his leg off), but that's simply a matter of getting a bigger battery pack and uprating the engine.

And if that's not murderous enough for you, the chainsaw bayonet's creators are looking to up the ante with their next creation, which will be a circular saw bayonet. We can't wait to see that one. Only in America! Enjoy the video below.

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