The Waveboat - turns a PWC into a jetboat in 60 seconds

The Waveboat - turns a PWC into a jetboat in 60 seconds
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February 21, 2008 With 200 bhp PWCs now commonplace, there seems to be a trend emerging of using the PWC as a dockable powerplant for a larger craft, significantly extending the versatility and recreational options of the ski, the docking craft as a water platform, and the carrying capacity to five people and beyond. The Waveboat is to be launched next month and it offers some compelling functionality – just add your Yamaha Waverunner PWC and you have a high speed (video here) jetboat with ultrasweet handling and all the trimmings. With prices starting at US$8000(EUR5600), it’s a bargain accessory – sadly available for Yamaha Waverunners only.

Assembling the Jet Ski and the Waveboat takes less than a minute out of the water and only a few seconds on the water, though the soul of the product is its sweet handling as can be seen from the accompanying video. “The product was conceived to offer a pleasure and an unforgettable riding experience due to its feather weight incisive hull, its solidity and its reliability, which preserve all the liveliness and handiness of a jet ski,” said Fun Factory’s Vladimir Nunez.

“The aim is to offer a diverse range of customisation options and accessories so that people can set up their own Wave Boat to suit themselves – tables and cushion layouts and headrest handles and … it’s essentially very customisable.”

The Fun Factory is already well versed in the rental and resort markets where its ingenious Yelo 260 is a recreational watercraft with all the bases covered regarding safety – it’s almost entirely idiot-proof, 100 percent reliable and there’s no access to the propeller. It is hence suitable for rental. Designed around a Yamaha outboard motor, though you’d never know, the Yelo 260 will reach 15km/h quickly, is very stable with three comfortable seats and is fun to drive, as it is very responsive at low speed and driven by joystick and hence appeals enormously to the youth market.

For water sports centres and rental companies alike, the Yelo gives you peace of mind as there is no access to the propellers and the construction is safe and robust.

The company is seeking to expand its business in as many countries as possible, and would welcome distributor inquiries.

We’ve previously written about PWC docking devices here and some recent news is that Dockitjet is developing its entirely different take on the same theme as WaveBoat– docking a PWC with a Dockitjet results in one of the fastest lightweight RIBs on the planet. They’ve now taken things a step further using carbon fibre panels and adding surfboard racks and rod holders. The versatility of the package is impressive as it leaves a platform for exhausted surfers to replenish, and enables the ski to be cut loose for transport, recreational heaven and maybe even towing surfers onto waves. The prototype is reportedly being used to great effect putting surfers right where they want to be with ease and comfort.

View gallery - 6 images
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