Who wants to carry a fully loaded modern cooler, often a war zone-ready hunk of roto-molded plastic, plus chairs, tents and other accompanying gear, meters or miles to the campsite? The Real Wheel presents a better way to go about it. Its mono-wheel cart features an integrated cooler bag and table, rolling over pavement, dirt, rock, sand and whatever else is in the way. It carries up to 200 lb (91 kg), meaning you can load it up and make just one trip to camp, the beach, etc. It's essentially a tailgate on wheels – err ... wheel.

We've seen a few all-terrain gear carts in recent years, including the Zuca All Terrain and Armadillo trailer. But the Wheel is a different breed, replacing the typical two- or four-wheel setup with one wheel with 19.5-in closed-cell foam tire in the middle. The tire is covered by a water-resistant rubberized PVC skin, adding extra durability and water resistance.

Instead of the central hub we're used to seeing on other wheels, this take on the idea uses what The Real Wheel founder Jackie Piscitello describes as a needle bearing-like design. A series of rollers keep the wheel rolling over all types of uneven terrain while leaving the center hollow for storing gear and lowering center of gravity. The gear stored inside remains stationary as the wheel spins.

The Wheel comes with a cooler bag that secures in the middle. It can be used for storing food and drink or as a gear bag for hauling other items. The Real Wheel says it'll hold 48 cans or 14 bottles of wine – a good time if ever we've heard one.

The Real Wheel's powder-coated aluminum frame has a flat top that you can secure additional gear to. With a total payload of 200 lb (91 kg), you can carry tents, chairs, umbrellas, clothes bags, etc. Bungee tie-downs let you secure all that gear to keep it stable for the ride.

Once you come to a stop, The Wheel sets up and levels off with four included adjustable-height kickstands, and the gear-shouldering top becomes a table, complete with two cupholders. The cooler bag includes a retractable bottle opener.

The Wheel weighs 25 lb (11 kg) and features a folding handle, bringing size down to 22 x 22 x 24 in (56 x 56 x 61 cm) for transport and storage.

The Real Wheel will put The Wheel on Kickstarter next Tuesday, June 6, letting the crowdfunding masses help sculpt its fate. Early bird pledge levels will start at US$299, a $100 savings off the estimated $399 retail price.

The all-new consumer-spec Wheel follows The Real Wheel's original heavy-duty emergency services design aimed at hauling gear – and even medical patients on stretchers – in and out of disaster relief zones.

The Real Wheel has provided a sneak peek ahead of its Kickstarter campaign in the video below.

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