Hand carts are a great way to roll gear where it needs to go. But what happens when the gear you need to haul is the cart itself? If it's the Kyboka, you fold it flat in a matter of seconds, drop it in the accompanying shoulder bag and get going.

People have a whole lot of stuff, and apparently they need to move that stuff to and fro. At least that's the impression we're left with after seeing new utility cart, following new bike trailer, following new hand truck, and over and back again for years. Without even getting into bike-only trailers, the past year has brought new designs like the Armadillo man trailer, the transforming, Swiss Army-like Erovr, the burly, rock-crawling Zuca All Terrain, and the electrified Carla Cargo bike trailer/hand truck.

Basically, if you have stuff that you need to manually walk, hike, climb or pedal from Point A to B, there's no excuse not to get it there – or at least there's no reason to get angry at the market for not giving you the right product to get it there.

The Dutch-designed Kyboka is the latest utility cart to catch our eye. It looks simple enough when set up, a large tub supported by an oversized aluminum frame and 12.5-in wheels with off road-ready pneumatic tires. Its combination of plywood floor and framed tarpaulin storage bin carries up to 110 lb (50 kg) and 135 L worth of gear. Weight lists in at 27.5 lb (12.5 kg). The front wheels turn for maneuverability and a parking brake keeps things still when loading/unloading.

What makes the Kyboka stand out compared to other folding carts is that it packs flat. Not only does the collapsible bucket pack down, but the wheels remove and mount on the underside, creating a packed configuration that's about 7.5 in (19 cm) thick. The process takes seconds and is meant to be about as simple as possible. Once it's collapsed, you can pack the Kyboka in the carry bag and easily carry it from place to place. It's also sized to fit in certain bike carriers, making it easier to transport via car. When you get home, you can hang it up on a garage wall or slide it behind other storage instead of having a large cart taking up floor space.

Kyboka offers a waterproof cover, load-stabilizing straps that can also be used to strap oversized items to the cart, and a storage bag as accessories. It's also working on a bicycle mount that allows the cart to function as a bike trailer.

Kyboka is now running a Kickstarter campaign, seeking €200,000 to be used for setting up mass manufacturing and getting the carts rolling off production lines. It is offering the basic cart (tub and frame, no carry bag or accessories) for pledge levels starting at €349 (approx. US$390) and the complete set with cover, two straps and carry bag for €449 (US$500). It estimates retail at €499 and €599 (US$560 and $670), respectively. Shipping is not included in those Kickstarter pledge levels.

We like the Kyboka's design, but those prices seem way out there ... unless it comes pre-filled with a bunch of cool gear. It is just a stuff-hauling cart, after all, and simpler hand carts can be had for under US$100. The Kyboka's folding action is convenient ... but is it that convenient? Kickstarter gets to help decide, and if it says "no," the Kyboka might prove another cool product that was over-designed/overpriced right past marketability.

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