The world’s largest digital graphic

The world’s largest digital graphic
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March 29, 2006 The main Boeing factory building in Everett, Washington is the home of the 747, 767, 777 and 787 airplanes, and is recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest building in the world by volume. The building now holds a second world record as it has just been adorned with a new mural which comprises more than 100,000 square feet (9,290 square meters) of pressure-sensitive graphic film, and has been recognised as the largest digital graphic in the world. The mural covers all six factory doors on the south side of the building. The doors comprising the mural are 82 feet (25 meters) high and range in width from 300 to 350 feet (91 to 107 meters). Each is about the length of a National Football League (NFL) field.

Fitch Design Consultants, London, designed the new mural to portray the excitement of flying and Boeing employees’ enthusiasm for the aerospace industry.

“The new look is refreshing. It’s a great way to celebrate the people inside the factory and their passion for airplanes,” said Jeff Robinson, brand marketing director and creative director for the Everett mural project, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “This is an impressive graphic that matches our remarkable airplanes and product line.”

The mural consists of more than 475 four-foot by 60-foot (one-meter by 18-meter) sheets. It took more than five months to install, largely because of inclement weather conditions, including 27 straight days of rain in December and January in the Seattle area.St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M Co. manufactured the pressure-sensitive graphic film and other products used in the design. The company pioneered the use of graphic films to wrap vehicles and buildings with promotional messages.

Seattle-based SuperGraphics digitally printed and installed the film. Since 1993, SuperGraphics has used state-of-the-art design systems and electrostatic grand-format ink-jet and screen-printing technologies to create larger-than-life promotions that are impossible to miss.

In addition to the new mural, the 98.3-acre factory was recently repainted. More than 6,580 gallons of paint were used – approximately 6,000 gallons of tan, 400 gallons of blue and 180 gallons of brown trim.

Visitors can see the factory and the mural up close when they take a Boeing Tour through the Future of Flight, which is located at 8415 Paine Field Blvd., Mukilteo, approximately 30 miles north of Seattle.

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