A family living in San Diego, California, decided to embrace small living and purchase a tiny house to travel the United States. In response, Tiny Heirloom designed them a 200 sq ft (18 sq m) towable home that reflects their eldest daughter's love of the theater.

The Theater Home is clad in two-tone cedar siding, and is topped by a seam metal roof. It features nine windows, including a large arched window. There's also a small outdoor shower.

Inside, the home has some minor stylistic touches reminiscent of the theater, though the theme definitely isn't as strong as it was in the firm's Tudor-style tiny house or Tiny Adventure Home, for example.

Visitors enter into the kitchen, which is relatively spacious at 80 sq ft (7.5 sq m), and has full-size appliances, including a fridge/freezer, three-burner propane-powered stove, and an oven. Nearby lies a small semi-circular dining table. A gold-embossed decorative light feature hangs down from the ceiling and matches the kitchen's backsplash.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the living room. This features a custom red velvet sofa bed inspired by theater seats, as well as an entertainment center with a large TV.

Elsewhere in the home is a bathroom with a sink, flushing toilet, and a full-size bath with shower.

There are two loft-style bedrooms in the Theater Home. The first is accessed by a staircase with some integrated lighting meant to resemble the lights found in theater staircases. This leads to a master bedroom that's topped by skylight and contains a double bed. The second bedroom is reached by ladder and includes two double beds for the owners' children, and is also topped by a skylight.

The Theater Home is based on a triple-axle trailer and gets power from a standard RV-style hookup. It's a one-off custom model and had a budget of US$120,000.

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