Whether they feature a climbing wall exterior or transforming furniture, Tiny Heirloom's custom-designed luxury tiny houses are always worthy of attention. This recently-completed model is no exception and sports an unusual Tudor-like design unlike anything we've seen before on a towable home.

The Tudor-style tiny house measures 24 ft (7.3 m)-long, 8.6 ft (2.6 m)-wide and reaches a maximum height of 13.6 ft (4 m). With its half timbered facade, the exterior certainly looks the part and while it won't appeal to everyone, it's a response to what the owner was looking for.

"The exterior of [owner] Jenn's house was very important to her," says Tiny Heirloom. "She wanted it to look and feel like you were back in time whenever you laid eyes on it. So together, we drew inspiration from many different architecture but decided Tudor was the best fit. It's such a unique style but it really finished off the design quite perfectly."

The interior decor very much complements the exterior styling with its dark hardwood and granite countertops and has a total floorspace of 220 sq ft (20 sq m). Visitors enter into the living room, which looks pretty snug and includes a chair and beanbag, a gas fire with a mosaic tile surround, as well as lots of shelving.

The kitchen is nearby and features a hammered copper sink, a propane three burner hob and oven, full-size appliances, and a matching mosaic backsplash.

The bathroom has a slate tile floor (the rest of the home is decked in dark hickory flooring) as well as a copper clawfoot tub, and a ceramic sink.

A steel spiral staircase leads up to the only bedroom. This is a typical tiny house loft-style bedroom and includes a double bed, arched windows, a skylight, and an eye-catching decorative railing.

The Tudor-style tiny house gets its power from a standard RV-style hookup. We've no word on the price for this one but with the amount of work that obviously went into it, we'd assume it's not a budget model.

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