The experimentation that typifies the tiny house movement often encourages people to commission a project that suits their exact needs. This was the case with the recently completed Vintage Glam Tiny House, by luxury tiny house specialist Tiny Heirloom, which features a neat motorized platform that reveals a bed, storage space, and more, at the flick of a switch.

The Vintage Glam is based on a 33 ft (10 m)-long double-axle trailer and comprises 200 sq ft (18 sq m) of floorspace, all on one floor. The customer wanted a bed that could be easily stashed away when not in use, so Tiny Heirloom hit upon a novel idea and installed a motorized platform.

The platform includes bench seats, table, bed, and stairs – the latter leading to a snug living space. The sliding mechanism is hidden inside the platform itself and switch-operated linear actuators push the required piece of furniture out when needed.

The space saved by the motorized platform also meant that there was room left for a relatively spacious bathroom and kitchen elsewhere in the tiny house.

The Vintage Glam's kitchen includes a washing machine, cabinets on both sides, a refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, sink, and an oven. The bathroom has a living wall section, a full-height ceiling and a full-size clawfoot bath and shower.

Light comes both from skylights, which let in natural daylight, and a chandelier. The tiny house is connected to an RV-style hookup for its electricity and water needs.

The Vintage Glam cost a total of US$150,000, reflecting the expensive gadgetry that went into it. Check out the video below to see the motorized platform in use.

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