April 23, 2008 Thermador's latest range includes electric cooktops with sensor technology that uses an infrared beam to continuously monitor the heat from the cookware itself and automatically maintains precise cooking temperature to help save time and effort in the kitchen.

As the first electric cooktops fitted with infrared sensor technology, Sensor Dome cookertops use an infrared beam to accurately measures the heat from the cookware, then automatically shuts the burner off and cycles it on and off to maintain the precise temperature needed and avoid boil over. Sensor Dome units are available in 30” and 36” sizes in the company's Masterpiece Deluxe Series.

Other notable technologies to feature in Thermador range include the induction cooktop line. These two models include safety safety features such as an anti-overflow system that sounds an alarm and shuts off the unit if liquids boil over (thus preventing fire/burn hazards or disruptive messes) plus an automatic stop system that turns off the elements if they are inadvertently left on and the controls are untouched for long periods. There's also a residual heat indicator that warns if an element may still be warm to the touch, an anti-overheating sensor that shuts the unit off if the surface reaches more than 300°C/572°F and a child lock to prevent unintended use. Additionally, a cookware detection system alerts users if there is no pan on the element or if it is not made of suitable material, while an alarm switches the cooktop off if there is a metal object, like a small kitchen utensil, placed on the cooking surface.

More info at the Thermador site.

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