Here's a neat idea from a young designer based in Bath, England. The BATH °C Thermo Colour Map offers a new take on the tourist map by highlighting certain areas of the city that are most suitable to visit, depending on the weather.

While still just a concept at present, the BATH °C Thermo Colour Map would be made from fabric and could roll up into a water- and crumple-proof tube. The idea is, using thermochromic inks (which are sensitive to temperature) and hand-drawn illustrations, the map would highlight certain areas you should visit, depending on the weather.

So, if it's hot, certain areas of the map could turn pink and direct you to an outdoor swimming pool, or park, for example, while if it's cold or raining, museums, art galleries and the like could be highlighted.

We've reached out to designer Camilla Hempleman to see if she has any plans to develop the map further, and will update this article when we hear back.

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