With Halloween approaching, British firm Tiger Sheds has turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to reanimate its Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) concept. Should funding prove successful, the "zombie-proof" cabin will be used as part of an interactive horror experience, based either in a disused factory or ancient forest.

Gizmag spoke to a Tiger Sheds representative and was told that some design details will be worked out by taking feedback from backers and undead aficionados. That said, the basic plan comprises a two story cabin with a kitchen, living room, secure garden (for growing vegetables), a toilet, storage area, additional garden, two bedrooms, and a gym.

In addition, the team plans to build an escape hatch and upper deck, reinforced slit windows, and barbed wire around the property. Slated entertainment facilities include an Xbox, TV, and sound system.

If the Kickstarter campaign proves successful, the cabin will be built and based either in a large disused factory in Leeds (pictured above) or in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, and be used as a prop for the Zombie Infection experience. The Patient Zero-like event tasks participants with tackling hordes of actors dressed as zombies using a "weapon" and flashlights while completing objectives.

If that kind of thing sounds like your cup of tea, the more interesting pledges start at £50 (US$77), which should – hopefully – snag you a guided tour of the Tiger Sheds site. Backers looking for more action will need to stump up a cool £1,000 ($1,550) for a place at an overnight event, which we're told will likely involve 12 hours in the cabin during Halloween 2016 while trying to survive a staged zombie apocalypse (if the campaign goes according to plan).

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