Along with better mouse traps, the search for ever-lighter hiking shoes will likely always be with us. At 9oz (255g) each, the Radler Trail Camp hikers are Timberland's latest tilt at this quest - and when you add water repellent properties and the ability to fold up for storage, you just may have a piece of outdoor gear as essential as the cork screw or pocket knife. At the very least, insurance for cold, wet feet could be only a couple of zippers away.

The Timberland Radler's quick-drying, water-repellent ripstop tops come in red, orange and black and mesh nicely with partially-recycled black rubber soles. A removable/washable fleecy insole provides added padding and warmth, all at a reasonable price point of from about US$50-65 per pair. For those who like to take impromptu hikes or always seem to have the "wrong" shoes for the occasion, these comfy numbers may be just the ticket to next season's adventures.

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