The complaint that all tiny houses look the same is a common one, but whether or not you like its unusual styling, the Tiny Drop offers a change from the stereotypical shed-on-wheels look that's common to the scene. Resembling a supersized (and perhaps slightly steampunk-like) teardrop trailer that's actually crashed into a shed, the tiny home boasts a water filtration system and solar power so it can run fully off-the-grid.

The Tiny Drop comprises a total floorspace of 150 sq ft (14 sq m) and weighs in at around 8,000 lb (3,628 kg). It's built from a wooden frame and features aluminum cladding.

Entering the home via the single door, visitors are greeted with a large sofa that features storage underneath, a kitchen area, and a small dining area with bench. Further into the home lies a large looking bathroom with a composting toilet, sink, and cubicle shower.

The upstairs sleeping loft is reached via ladder – literally, a metal work ladder – and it looks very snug in there. Indeed, from the photos it looks like you'd be in danger of knocking yourself out should you try to sit up suddenly at night, but the Tend Building did at least manage to squeeze-in a double bed. The metal roof may also drive you to distraction in heavy rain and hail too, though the operable skylights are a nice touch.

The Tiny Drop's interior lighting is provided by energy-efficient LED lights and the tiny house gets all its electricity via solar panels. The home includes a water filtration system and Tend Building reports that a lot of recycled materials were used in the build.

Tend Building makes houses to order and according to the firm's Facebook page, the price tag for the Tiny Drop would come in somewhere around US$60,000.

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