Tiny houses are usually built pretty quickly compared to a typical brick-and-mortar home, but the Tiny Task project barely left time for the paint to dry. The snug dwelling was constructed by a group of 10 people in just 72 hours in Manhattan, NYC. Once completed, it was sold on eBay for US$26,600, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Tiny houses are proving quite popular with charities at the moment, especially homeless groups in the United States, and several schemes have been launched in recent years that use tiny homes either as a means of raising money, or as actual shelters for those with nowhere else to live.

The Tiny Task project was the work of Task Rabbit, a (for-profit) company that matches freelance labor with local demand. The proceeds from the sale were donated to Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities deal with issues like homelessness.

The towable home was constructed in Manhattan's Meatpacking District over three days and measures 20 x 8 ft (6 x 2.5 m). The exterior is clad in white painted cedar siding, while the interior features oak veneered flooring. The home is glazed with vinyl windows.

Entering via the sole door at the front, visitors are met with a small living and dining area, which features a folding dining table, chairs, and an ethanol-burning heater. This area leads to a kitchenette, which features a sink, fridge, washing machine, and propane stove, while a bathroom with composting toilet and shower lies to one side.

The upstairs sleeping area is reached by ladder and features a double bed, and there's also another small loft storage area at the other side of the home. The tiny house gets electricity from a hookup, though it's not clear how the water setup works, nor what type of insulation was used.

Source: A Tiny Task

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