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TiVo announces its first dual tuner DVR

TiVo announces its first dual tuner DVR
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The TiVo Series2 DT DVR allows you to record two shows at once.
The TiVo Series2 DT DVR allows you to record two shows at once.

April 26, 2006 TiVo is a name that will forever be linked with pioneering television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), so although dual-tuner DVRs are readily available (indeed here’s one with seven tuners), its newly announced TiVo Series2 DT DVR is important as it’s the first standalone dual tuner DVR with the TiVo functionality. The TiVo Series2 DT DVR allows you to record two shows at once. The TiVo Series2 DT DVR also incorporates built-in Ethernet and USB ports, making it easier than ever to add the TiVo box to the home network. The new box will be available at retail on May 1.

The TiVo Series2 DT DVR will join the existing TiVo product line, and is available in an 80-hour model priced US$99.99. It will also be available at tivo.com bundled with the TiVo service.

Exclusive TiVo service features will be available on the TiVo Series2 DT DVR including:

    TiVoToGo Transfers: Take your favorite shows with you on the road by transferring them to a laptop or select portable players.

TiVo Online Scheduling: Schedule recordings from the office or on the road from anywhere you can access the Internet.
TiVo Online Services: Broadband connected Series2 subscribers can view both their own photo slideshows and those shared by friends with Yahoo! Photos, and check local weather and traffic from Yahoo! Additionally, subscribers can browse and buy movie tickets from Fandango, discover new music on Live365, and listen to entertaining podcasts.

Coming Soon: TiVo continually updates the TiVo service with new features and capabilities. In the coming months, TiVo users will be able to program their TiVo box to record programs directly from select Verizon cell phones. And by mid-year, users will welcome TiVo KidZone into their home. TiVo KidZone will give parents the power to easily make sure that the television programming their children watch meets their personal family standards.

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