Some multitools focus on doing a few things right, while others aim to be more a Jack of all trades. The modular Toler Union is the latter on steroids, with a range of tools attached for all kinds of tasks, plus an ability to be broken into two halves for lighter travel and flexibility.

The Toler Union was dreamt up by Ohio's Michael Newman who, when carrying out regular maintenance on his wife's food truck, found his favorite multitools lacking, particularly when it came to tightening nuts and bolts.

So he resolved to build one with a wrench that could also tackle all manner of tasks. Crafted from stainless steel and aluminum, the 12.5-oz (355-g) tool offers a self-adjusting wrench, by way of a locking hinge that unfolds for a full-sized handle.

At the other end of the handle when extended is a set of pliers and wirecutters. And this is where things get a little interesting. The hinge mechanism allows the two halves of the Toler Union to detach from one another, conveniently leaving you with a set of pliers in one hand and a wrench in the other.

This modular nature also means you can travel with less baggage where appropriate by simply snapping off the half with the requisite tools and leaving the other at home. Also aboard the Toler Union is a bottle opener, awl, file, 3.125-inch blade, metal saw and wood saw, and screwdriver.

This last component can be fitted to the folding tool as a full-size T driver, a right-angled screwdriver, or slotted into the center of its folded-up body. It kind of resembles a vaping machine in this configuration, but should provide some pretty sound stability when tightening screws.

The modular nature opens up the possibility of making additions to the Toler Union, and Newman does say that more modules and accessories are planned for the future. He is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce the tool as is, where early pledges of US$88 will have one sent your way in March 2019 if all goes to plan.

The pitch video below shows the Toler Union in action.

Source: Toler Tools

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