Ququq already offers affordable all-in-one camper solutions for some of the world's most rugged off-roaders, with its Land Rover Defender box and Mercedes G-Class box. Now it's adding something for what might just be the world's most universally beloved overlanding machine: the Toyota Land Cruiser. The all-new Flatbox slides inside the Land Cruiser's tailgate, creating a vehicle that can travel to the ends of the earth during the day and feed and sleep its occupants at night.

The Flatbox continues the working relationship between Toyota and Ququq that produced last year's Proace Verso van camper box. The Flatbox will surely appeal to a different crowd, one that intends to use the Land Cruiser's renowned off-road capability and dependability as a springboard for exploratory adventures around the world.

The Flatbox looks much like Ququq's other camper-in-a-box kits, only sized specifically for new five-door, five-seat Land Cruiser 105s. It includes a kitchen in back and raised support framework up above for the included 43 x 77-in (110 x 195-cm) cold-foam mattress. The multi-compartment kitchen area houses a slide-out with removable dual-burner stove, a simple sink set-up with dual 10-L water canisters and dual stainless steel bowls, a fold-down worktop, and a middle cubby with storage box.

The 139-lb (63-kg) Flatbox is designed for simple, easy installation and removal. The box is simply strapped down to the load floor, and the fold-out bed supported with straps around the grab handles.

The new Flatbox starts at €2,290 (approx. US$2,675). Ququq recently announced expansion into the US market, but it does not list US pricing information for the Flatbox so it's still unclear if that product will be among its offerings in the States.

The German company did preview a potential Jeep Wrangler camper box at Overland Expo West, so American off-roaders should have access to some kind of quick-convert Ququq 4x4 camper in the future.

Source: Ququq

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