Toyota to show very futuristic FT-EV compact concept

Toyota to show very futuristic FT-EV compact concept
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Toyota is set to show a new compact four-seat electric vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show which is even smaller than the iQ. The FT-EV II is designed primarily for urban driving with drive-by-wire technology controlled by a joystick which incorporates the accelerator, brakes and steering to free up legroom in the space currently used by those components. This is a very futuristic vehicle with a second windscreen below dashboard level, and see through tailights for greater rearward visibility.

The FT-EV II is designed for short distance travel and with concepts like the PM emerging in recent years, it's already clear that Toyota's research expects the personal transportation market to fragment. In the future consumers will demand even more choice based not just on user requirements, but also on the type of energy used and the local energy supply infrastructure.

The exterior of the FT-EV features a low front cowl and an additional window below the level of the windscreen to give extra forward visibility. To improve safety through the quality of all-round vision, the rear lamp clusters are see-through LED units and for easy access in tight spots, there are electric sliding doors on both sides.

Top speed is above 60mph and a full-charged battery will give a range of more than 50 miles, which is ample for most urban journeys. Toyota says the ride is quiet and comfortable with smooth acceleration, thanks to its newly developed motor control technology.

Enough already!! Stop showing show EV's and produce some!!
Electric cars need to be compatable to modern cars as far as performance, range, horse power and torque, these things are still important to drivers along with eco friendly use of electricity. Producing oversized eggs may only be appealing to people wanting kids.
There is absolutely no reason to make these EV's so darned UGLY! Put some style in it and somebody might buy it!