String pickers on the road often can't take their guitars of choice on their travels – due to size or safety concerns – so might carry a more portable flavor to help keep calluses from going soft. We've seen many variations on the theme, including a folder from Fender, a strange Strat from Traveler and a novel cross-shaped plank. But what if you played a double bass? That's where the TravelBass comes into its own.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the TravelBass breaks down into separate components for transport in a custom case, and is assembled for play when double bassists reach their destination. Its makers – out of Parma, Italy – reckon that roving musicians should be able to take it on aircraft as carry on luggage in a custom hard case.

That TravelBassBox is actually a little larger than regular baggage at 35 x 13 x 9 in (88.9 x 33 x 22.6 cm), so you may have to negotiate with the airline before setting off on your trip. The TravelBass team does say that if such negotiations fail, the hard case has been designed to survive life in the cargo hold.

The instrument is fashioned from cedar, maple and ovangkol wood by experienced luthiers using a similar acoustic chamber construction method that's used to make Italian violins. The body rocks a hollow acoustic chamber for unplugged performances, though a choice of Fishman or David Gage pickups is available.

The maple bridge slots into holes in the body, the adjustable neck bolts onto the body and the 41.3 inch scale ebony fingerboard is made up of two parts that split apart for travel. There are two adjustable bentwood shoulders for familiar shaping and an endpin for contact with the floor.

Kickstarter pledges for a TravelBass start at US$3,449, and if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in September. The video below has more.

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