Everyone loves a treehouse - they seem to inspire a universal feeling of childlike wonder, and done right they really tickle the old 'living in harmony with nature' glands too. We've covered some beauties over the years here at Gizmag, but this one has to be the grand-daddy of them all. The work of architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, the Wilkinson Residence makes use of a steeply sloped block to put the house's main level right up in the tree canopy. Stunning from every angle, it uses curves and waves to echo the owner's love of the natural landscape with a slightly musical theme.

What a magical home! Roy Wilkinson's treehouse home in Portland, Oregon does such a great job of blending the natural with the designed that it manages not to feel contrived, despite the wild shapes and angles Oshatz has used.

Privacy is maintained by the use of a curved wall on the side that faces the road, while the rear-facing side is entirely glassed over, producing a wonderful feeling of floating among the treetops. The rear decking opens right out among the trees, at least 10 or 15 metres up off the ground... Me, I'd be putting in a series of Tarzan ropes to get down to the shops.

Awesome stuff - get into the photo gallery to see more!

From Robert Harvey Oshatz (whose website highlights a whole bunch of amazing works), via Twisted Sifter.

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