It was just last year that we first heard about the Trenux, an innovative German-designed bicycle trailer that folds up over the bike's rear wheel when not carrying cargo. At the time, it was still a prototype. Soon, however, it could be a commercially-available product, as it's just hit Kickstarter.

The basic idea behind the Trenux is a clever one.

When you're hauling stuff around, it's towed behind the bike just like any other trailer. When you're returning from making a delivery or are on your way to pick something up, though, it can be folded up and stored over the back wheel. That way, you don't have to needlessly contend with an empty trailer bouncing around on the road behind you.

The concept won inventors Finn Süberkrüb and Markus Rothkötter an award at last year's Eurobike trade show, plus it was featured as one of our Top 10 most innovative cycling products of 2018. That said, a lot of improvements have been made since that prototype was first unveiled.

For one thing, while it could only be attached to the bike's frame, the new Kickstarter version (pictured above) can also be attached to a variety of rear-wheel axles. The new one also features a Camlock anti-theft system, it can be used as a rear rack when folded up, it has integrated reflectors, and its water-repellant PVC/Cordura cargo basket can now be detached and carried on its own.

Additionally, the trailer's quick-release mounting system automatically closes when the bike starts moving forward, plus a twist-and-pull movement is required to release it, so it won't be accidentally triggered by vibrations or bumps in the road.

As far as basic specs go, the new Trenux weighs a claimed 7.5 kg (16.5 lb), can carry a payload of up to 40 kg (88 lb), has a cargo bed area of 40 by 60 cm (15.8 by 23.6 inches), and deploys to and from its folded state in less than 10 seconds. What's more, if users wish, they can swap in a different handle that allows them to pull the trailer around as a hand cart.

Should you be interested in getting a basic bag-less Trenux setup of your own, a pledge of €500 (about US$560) is required. For a package that includes the bag, anti-theft system and cart handle, backers will have to part with €559 ($626). Assuming the trailer reaches production, shipping is planned to take place in December.

It's demonstrated in the video below.

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