Trocadero’s unfixed fixie: The bicycle with the twisting frame

Trocadero’s unfixed fixie: The bicycle with the twisting frame
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There's absolutely no practical thinking behind this wacky bicycle, and … that's kind of okay with us. The Trocadero Fixie looks like a regular pushbike until you pull a pin that unlocks the main frame downtube, allowing the bike to twist in the middle and put the wheels wildly out of alignment with one another. Why? Because it looks absolutely bizarre.

The Trocadero Fixie behaves like a regular retro fixie until you uncouple the two halves of the frame, at which point riders are free to throw the rear wheel out at a totally different angle to the front one.

Even with the frame unlocked, it seems it's well enough behaved; the Trocadero team doesn't seem to have any trouble keeping both ends in line when they want to. In fact any back-end shenanigans look very much like a deliberate action.

The twisting frame seems to allow some crazy-tight turning at slow speeds, but looks like it needs a bit of planning and body position forethought at quicker speeds. Check out the video:


So far, Trocadero has only made 30 of these nutty machines – but we can see this being a popular niche fun machine for cyclists with a taste for attention.

Source (in French): Trocadero Fixie

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That's... not a fixie.
It's only fixed gear if it can't freewheel.
bhtooefr beat me to mentioning that it's not a fixie. It would be nice if they had another video showing off a regular ride where they're not trying to show off. Looks like fun.
Paul Anthony
That angle on the rear wheel looks to put too much lateral pressure on the rim, spoked rims are not designed for this, resulting in a bent rim. Maybe they should rethink this.
The answer to a question never asked.
I thought it was really dumb,what is the purpose behind it?I can see zero reason for this.......makes you wonder Why??.......LOL :-)
Ooh, quick! Call Suzanne Somers so she can show that riding it can slim your thighs! Move over, Thighmaster. Trocadero Fixie is here.