Online gamers not wanting to rely purely on skill to outplay opponents now have a cheat-friendly Xbox 360 controller to add to their arsenal. The Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller from U.K. based video game accessory maker Datel packs a 1.7-inch LCD display - sorry, "Combat Command LCD interface" - that makes it easy to fine-tune settings during gameplay.

The controller's LCD display isn't touch-enabled but flicking the buttons on the underside of the controller allows gamers to flip through custom profiles and change various settings displayed on the controller's screen using the thumbsticks and face buttons.

Amongst the customizable options available at the push of a button is the ability to speed up or slow down the camera pan, change the rapid fire rate, map combo sequences to a single button, remap button layouts on the fly, activate "sniper mode", alter the vibration of the controller's two rumble motors, and swap the analogue sticks around if you're a lefty. Users can also connect the controller to a PC via USB to download and personalize extra custom profiles for various games.

The controller syncs directly with the Xbox 360 console - something that Microsoft isn't fond of third party peripherals doing - and includes a headset port for Xbox LIVE play. It is powered by two AA batteries and accepts the same standard battery packs used on Microsoft's own controllers.

Datel and Microsoft have been trading lawsuits over the last couple of years in relation to Datel's third party peripherals, including its unofficial memory cards and controllers, but it doesn't look like the U.K. company is done poking the hornet's nest just yet.

The Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller for Xbox 360 is available through codejunkies for US$55.

Via Kotaku