Power strips are very functional devices that allow people to expand the capabilities of an outlet by plugging in more stuff. However, most are not pretty, designed with function over form. TwistVolt is aiming to fix that, but offering a device that offers just as much functionality as a traditional power strip, but with a form that looks more like a piece of modern art than a device designed to simply offer some extra outlets.

The aim for Michael Schroeder, the creator of the TwistVolt, was to make a power strip that was functional, offering all of the outlets and USB ports that one could need, while making it look cool enough that buyers would actually want to place it on their desk instead of hiding it somewhere. It's not the first device to try to clean up the adding of more outlets, with devices like the PowerCube coming before, but this one does it on a larger scale.

It's built with a series of joints that rotate 270 degrees, allowing the user to tweak it into all kinds of positions and styles. This creates a stylish design, but of course, once you start plugging in a slew of cables, some of that nice look is going to go away with wires running all over the place.

As far as the actual power goes, it offers both standard home outlets and 5 amps of USB power for powering and charging multiple devices at one time. The pivoting joints are not just for looks, as they allow the user to have a device charging in the USB port without blocking any of the regular outlets, thus maximizing the amount of devices that can be plugged in at one time.

TwistVolt's creator is seeking funding on Kickstarter. It's still in the early stages of its funding period, but it's a ways away from its US$125,000 goal. The prices for backers vary depending on the number of outlets and USB ports needed, with the cheapest starting at $49 for six AC outlets and 0 USB ports. The most expensive will set backers back $129 for six AC and eight USB ports. Estimated ship time to backers is December 2014.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the TwistVolt.

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