While we've previously seen a number of GoPro accessories which can keep you shooting when the battery runs out, the PolarPro PowerGrip H2O is the first we've come across capable of live-charging the action camera while underwater. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, the PowerGrip H2O is a waterproof selfie stick with an integrated battery, which can charge a camera at depths of up to 30 m (99 ft).

The PowerGrip H2O system is something of a cross between PolarPro's PowerPole and ProGrip, with the core of the unit being a 28-cm (11-in) grip with an integrated battery and standard GoPro-style mount at the end. This means it can be used as a general selfie stick or action grip, with its built-in 6,700-mAh lithium battery offering the equivalent of more than six fully-charged GoPro batteries (12 hours use) on a single charge.

Two USB sockets allow for the charging of a GoPro (or other action camera) and devices like smartphones, plus a selfie mount for holding most smartphones is included with the H2O. In this setup, the PowerGrip H2O is rated as water-resistant for use in snow or rain, though you'll want to check what's connected at the other end of the cable. It also features a tripod mount on the base, and is compatible with PolarPro's StrapMount system. There are also extension sections, should you want to extend its reach to 56 cm (22 in) or 84 cm (33 in).

However, where the PowerGrip H2O gets really interesting is when used with its Underwater Live Charging Kit, which consists of a replacement door which covers the USB sockets and connects to a waterproof backdoor for a GoPro and its rear port. This allows users to live-charge their action camera down to 30 m (99 ft) - which means no more trying to find somewhere dry when your battery runs out. The kit is compatible with GoPro models including the Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 Black and Silver.

Also available as part of the system is a waterproof LED bar light which attaches between the PowerGrip H2O and a GoPro to provide 500 lumens of illumination. The PowerGrip H2O Carrying Case is a redesigned version of the PolarPro Trekker Case, which now accommodates the new products.

A pledge of US$69 is currently enough to get you a PowerGrip H20 (rising to $79 when those run out), or $99 with the Live Charging Kit or LED light. A bundle with LED light, Live Charge Kit, a StrapMount and a Carry Case will set you back $149. The Kickstarter campaign will run until October 10th, and should funding be met and everything else go to plan, the PowerGrip H2O will start shipping in November.

You can check out the PowerGrip H2O Kickstarter video below.

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