If you don't know what diathermy is, you're not the only one. It's actually been around since 1907, and involves using high-frequency electromagnetic currents to generate heat in body tissue, accelerating the healing of injuries in the process. While it's previously been limited to clinical settings, ReGear Life Sciences' wearable Vivy device is designed to let people deliver their own treatments, wherever they happen to be.

Announced at CES, Vivy takes the form of a belt that contains a rechargeable battery, a control module, and induction coils that create the heat. By contrast, traditional diathermy machines are relatively large, and must be operated by trained clinicians.

Users wrap Vivy around the injured body part, power it up, then use its button controls to set the duration of the session. From there it goes to work delivering a deep-heat treatment, letting the user know when it's finished. There's also a companion smartphone app, on which users can create a treatment schedule, track the results of their sessions, and access other information.

While diathermy is currently used in applications ranging from physiotherapy to surgery, ReGear appears to be aiming Vivy mainly at people who suffer from chronic pain – this could include individuals with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia or muscle/joint injuries. It is currently classed as an investigational device, and is not yet for sale.

That said, the company is planning to raise productions funds through a crowdfunding campaign, beginning next month. Interested parties can check in to see when it begins, via the link below. Pricing has yet to be determined, although a rep tells us that it will be available in different lengths, each one intended for use on specific body parts such as the back or knee.

Source: Vivy

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