The Voltitude fold-up electric scooter has an ingenious EasyFold system. Once folded, a special button on the handlebar enables you to "walk" it alongside you indoors, so you never raise a sweat in reaching a power outlet, which will fully replenish the battery inside four hours. The 25 kph (15.5 mph) electric assist Voltitude begins volume production in July with an on-line price expected in the vicinity of EUR4000.

When Voltitude presented its Swiss Army Knife lookalike personal EV to the public nine months ago, the company's assets of a patent and three prototypes were housed in a home office.

The company was formally created in July 2011 and the team now consists of 3 engineers, 1 product designer, 1 business development person plus founder and CEO, Eric Collombin.

The industrialization phase was reached last week and the company will start manufacturing its first pre-series next week, using an external manufacturing partner.

Full production of 50 units per week is scheduled to start in June, with a newer version that has evolved from the pictures visible on the company site currently.

Final specifications and images of the new machine will be issued in June and a new company site is under construction which is expected to replace the current site in March.

The final price of the Voltitude will be in the vicinity of 5000 CHF / 4000 EUR with sales handled online but with a presence in retail stores, in Switzerland to start with, from September, 2012.

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