This year's Christmas shopping just got easier for Volvo drivers in Gothenburg, Sweden. The carmaker has launched its In-car Delivery service, which allows users to order shopping online and have it delivered to their car while they are elsewhere.

Volvo began trialling its "roam delivery" service last year and wasn't alone – we saw Audi piloting a similar service too. Volvo says, however, that its resulting In-car Delivery offer is the first such commercially-available service.

To begin, the firm has partnered with communications and logistics supplier PostNord, online toy and baby goods store and online grocery retailer Online shoppers need only select the In-car Delivery option at the checkout stage of their purchase.

The courier is subsequently able to locate a user's parked car via its GPS positioning system, which is accessible to the courier only on the day of delivery. They then utilize a one-time-use "digital key" to unlock the vehicle upon arrival, placing the goods in its trunk before re-securing it.

Once the delivery has been made, the user receives a notification and they are able to simply collect their vehicle and return home with their shopping. The service can, of course, be useful for when people at work, but also means that shoppers need not search for a parking space in a busy city center, can avoid city center crowds and can eliminate missed deliveries.

Volvo In-car Delivery is currently available for Volvo drivers in Gothenburg who subscribe to the Volvo On Call service, but there are plans for it to be rolled out elsewhere in Sweden and other countries. Volvo also plans to partner with more companies in the future.

The video below provides an introduction to Volvo In-car Delivery.

Source: Volvo

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