The Wearsafe Tag is a small, simple accessory designed to let smartphone users quickly and subtly communicate their whereabouts to friends and family. Currently looking for Kickstarter funding, it's designed to give users an extra layer of security, and can even push audio picked up from a connected smartphone to contacts.

The Wearsafe Tag connects to a user's smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, linking up with a companion app. Initially it'll only work with the iPhone 4S and newer, but Android support is set to arrive by the end of the year.

The tag is designed to provide one-touch connectivity, and its creators believe it adds a layer of security for a wide range of people, including hikers, travelers and students. You don't have to have your smartphone in your pocket to send an alert, as it will (according to the company) work at up to 200 ft (70 m) away.

If you push a button on the Wersafe Tag to send an alert via your Wearsafe Tag, a selected network of contacts will receive a text message, email and screen notification, immediately alerting them to your GPS location, and providing audio from the paired smartphone. A private chat is also set up between contacts, allowing them to coordinate their response. The user is informed that the alert was successfully sent via a silent vibration, and the tag vibrates every time someone opens the alert to respond.

Users can set up different networks for different occasions, having one group for late night emergencies, another for when they're away on business, or out for a solo run through the woods and so on. The device is small and unobtrusive, as well as water resistant and rugged, and can be kept in a pocket, clipped onto clothing, or even worn on a lanyard around the neck.

The Tag runs on a coin cell battery, so you won't have to remember to keep it charged on a regular basis. The company says that it'll be good for six months of use, at which point the companion app will let you know that you need to pop in a fresh battery.

We've seen devices similar to this in the past. In fact, Revolar – another Kickstarter effort – was successfully funded just a couple of months ago, and is set to offer a very similar, one-touch alert. That device is a little smaller than the Wearsafe Tag, and offers twice the battery life, but lacks the audio streaming feature promised on the newer tag.

Interestingly, Wearsafe is being designed as a safety platform, and won't work solely with the Tag. Assuming the product launches without a hitch, users will soon be able to send alerts using Pebble smartwatches, with support for Garmin wearables, Android Wear watches and the Apple Watch to follow. The Wearsafe service will subject to a US$5 monthly fee.

Of course, this is a crowdfunding project, so there's no guarantee that it'll make it to market. The effort is shooting for $75,000, and it's currently on a little under $38,000 with 34 days left on the clock.

As of writing, backers will need to stump up at least $40 for a single tag. If you back the crowdfunding effort, though, you won't have to pay the $5 monthly service fee. Providing everything goes as expected, the creators plan to ship the tags out this coming September.

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