Though very small tiny houses, like the Terraform Three, will only appeal to hardcore small living enthusiasts, it's fascinating to see how people manage to adapt such tiny spaces to their needs. This is the case with the Wheelie Shack too, which has a bedroom, kitchen and dining area all squeezed into its rather diminutive dimensions.

The Wheelie Shack was constructed in summer (northern hemisphere) 2017, but after a winter spent living in it, the owners have decided it's too large for their needs – they're used to living in the back of a truck.

The compact home measures just 12 ft (3.6 m)-long and 7.5 ft (2.2 m)-wide, and is clad in reclaimed cedar, with corrugated metal accenting. The spray foam insulation (with an R-value rating of R-21) was one of the few additions professionally installed.

The interior is very snug. Visitors enter into a kitchen area with a small four-burner propane stove and oven, plus a wood-burning stove. It has more storage space than you might expect given its size, with lots of shelving, drawers and little nooks installed throughout.

The dining area has a table that turns into a second bed, as well as two bench seats with integrated storage. Above the dining area is a loft with a double bed.

The big negative with this home is that it doesn't have a toilet nor shower inside. Presumably owners find a suitable bush or use a camping toilet and solar shower, or something similar. The home is wired to get its electricity from a standard hookup or solar power setup.

The Wheelie Shack is currently on the market for US$30,000.

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