World’s Largest Pickup Truck spawns an entire family

World’s Largest Pickup Truck spawns an entire family
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May 11, 2005 What happens when you take the trailer off a prime hauler, do a bit of remodelling of the cab, and turn it into a pick-up truck? International did just that and created a crew cab with enough room to seat five sumo wrestlers without them touching plus a big enough tray to carry a jet ski or a motorcycle with the tailgate still up. Well that was the first CXT model unveiled in late 2004. Now there’s a slightly smaller, more athletic, slightly upmarket RXT version “for business owners who want a truck that promotes themselves as much as their businesses.” Then there are two pre-production prototypes: a military-derived 4X4 dubbed the MXT with a payload of over 4 tons plus a restyled version of the CXT. Conceived in a moment of glorious insanity, the decision by International Truck and Engine Corporation to build the International CXT was regarded as folly by many in the industry but it seems that there’s a very large market out there for people who want a truck that’s more masculine than a hummer - a five-ton, 22-foot-long commercial pickup truck.

Drawing on the family bloodlines of the International CXT – the world’s largest production pickup truck – the International RXT is one of four vehicles that International showcased at the recent 2005 Chicago Auto Show as part of its new “International XT Family.”

“International is a company boldly building brand excitement,” said Daniel C. Ustian, Navistar chairman, president and chief executive officer. “The International RXT is an example of our ability to proactively and quickly bring products to market . With this truck, and the whole International XT Family, we are giving our customers one more reason to say, ‘I’m excited to own an International.’”

The International RXT was built for business owners who want a truck that promotes themselves as much as their businesses. However, just as people have unique personas, the International RXT is designed for business owners who prefer a strong and athletic look rather than a vehicle as big and bold as the International CXT.

Standing eight feet tall, the International RXT is a 4x2 pickup truck. It features an eight-foot-long bed, great hauling and tow capability and commercial hydraulic brakes for stopping large loads or trailers. Its exterior design is sleek and refined, offering full-body side skirts, a low step-in height, aerodynamic hood and overall stylish design. From the driver’s seat, the ride is made comfortable by a spacious crew cab that seats five, as well as an air cab suspension and an International ride-optimised suspension (IROS).

“The International RXT is like nothing else on the road today,” said Dee Kapur, president of International Truck and Engine Corporation’s Truck Group. “After introducing the International CXT in 2004, International received an overwhelming customer response for more vehicles that are powerful in performance but refined in appearance. The International RXT meets that need with refined styling and functionality. It is yet another symbol of the creative innovation helping to drive the company’s bold growth.”

The International RXT features an International VT 365 diesel V8 engine with 230 horsepower and 540-lb.-ft. of torque for optimal performance and efficiency.

In addition to the International CXT and RXT, two other vehicles are included in the International XT Family of trucks. A pre-production prototype vehicle derived from a military chassis, called the International MXT, which was unveiled in March 2004, and a futuristic concept pickup truck, called the International ProjectXT.

The International MXT is a commercial pre-production prototype. It has the same distinctive International grill and the same crew cab as all of the XT Family, a whole different look with an aggressive design of headlights integrated in the front fenders, rough terrain tires, low step-in height and outstanding 4x4 capability.

The International ProjectXT is a commercial concept truck showcasing such customizing capabilities as special interior and exterior trim with dual sky glass roof panels and a rear roof spoiler that shades passengers from direct sunlight and improves aerodynamics. The truck also features a “straight-through” design pickup bed that eliminates wheel well humps.

Orders for the International RXT can be placed through International dealers throughout North America in Q3, 2005, with a starting price just under US$70,000.

The International MXT will be available late this year with the first version designed for military applications and government agencies, such as the U.S. Border Patrol. The target for a commercial version of the MXT is Q3, 2006.

Ideal commercial markets for the International XT Family include: the horse industry, ranchers, commercial boating businesses, auto body repair, construction companies, lawn care businesses, lawn and garden stores, racecar haulers, home builders, home improvement companies and business owners who want to promote their business.

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Steve Lehrer
I think truly over the top offerings such as these trucks make the world a more interesting place. Anyway, if a person has the means and desire to own something like these trucks, or a Buggati Veyron, why shouldn\'t they have such offerings available to them? I can tell you this... I certainly do not have the means to ever own such magnificent machines, but as for the desire... I\'d buy everyone of these incredible creations I could get my hands on. Lets just hope tht in light of America\'s ever growing debt and possible default, that there will always continue to be those who can still afford to stimulate a market for such magnificent machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!