Dry erase boards are a great way to jot down ideas, schedules, or anything else that's going to be temporary. Wrap aims to take that concept and apply it to an entire desktop, but without requiring users to purchase an entire new desk. Instead, it simply covers the top of an existing one.

Basically, Wrap is sort of like a big sticker that one places over the top of his or her desk. The top layer is made of a materiel on which dry erase markers can be used. Of course, the creators are quick to point out it that it's not just a sticker, as it's low-tack and removable. It also has air channels that make it easy to push air bubbles out when applying.

The removable element of Wrap may be key for some users, especially anyone who is thinking of sticking this to a desk in a dorm or office. The creators promise it will not damage the table top. Compared to dry erase paint, another popular way to make a surface writable, this option is great for desks that can't be altered for good.

Depending on how long Wrap has been applied, however, it may not be reusable once removed.

Another useful feature of Wrap is support for both wet and dry erase markers. With wet erase, users don't have to worry about smudging, but a little extra effort is required to get rid of the writing.

Brandon Saw, the creator of Wrap, is offering custom sizes for different desks. This means that buyers can get one in the exact size they need for their desk. Offering it in this way will also make the installation process a little easier, as buyers need only affix Wrap to their desk instead of also worrying about cutting a big sheet to the correct size.

Wrap is listed on Kickstarter right now, and Saw is seeking US$4,000 to get started on his project. It has already surpassed that amount with over two weeks left in the funding period. Backers who would like to preorder a custom-cut Wrap for desks up to 54 inches (137 cm) long can do so for a minimum pledge of $29. Backers who need to cover a desk up to 70 inches (177 cm) need to pledge $39. Both are expected to ship in February.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on Wrap and shows it in use.

Source: Wrap, Kickstarter

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