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Wunderbar draught beer dispenser for the home

Wunderbar draught beer dispenser for the home
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December 7, 2006 With beer being the most popular alcoholic drink on earth, it’s quite surprising that it has taken 10,000 years for someone to invent an appliance that will dispense draught beer and keep it fresh indefinitely. The first to do that was Philips with its PerfectDraft, but the company’s development was done in conjunction with Brewing giant Interbrew, so only Interbrew beers were available in the kegs it used. Now a new beer dispenser that is free of exclusive beer company affiliations is ready for market and uses 4, 5 or 6 liter kegs for around 300 beer brands and can also serve chilled wines and soft drinks. Ladies and gentlemen, the Wunderbar!

There are no less than three models in three price categories. The three models can take almost all beer keg brands as well as the Wunderbar unibarrel, which has been specially developed for wines and cold drinks. If required, the unique Wunderbar 500 gram CO2 application also fits, with enough power for at least 40 kegs, on all models. All three Wunderbar Coolers are robustly built, extremely user-friendly and suitable for frequent use.

The differences are in the cooling. The top model, the "Wunderbar Cooler Professional", uses extremely fast compressor cooling, like in a 3-star refrigerator. The number 2, the "Wunderbar Cooler Thermo", has a more common thermoelectric Peltier cooling system. The number 3, the "Wunderbar Cooler Party", keeps already chilled drinks cold for hours and works without a plug on standard AA batteries. So the "Party" is ideal for outdoor use in the garden, camping or on the beach.

The consumer price will range from EUR79 for the "Party" model to EUR179 for the top model, the "Professional".

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