Last year, German laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe built a working replica of Ironman's laser gauntlet. Now, he's paid another visit to the world of superheroes, creating his own take on the "energy beam"-emitting eyewear worn by the X-Men's Cyclops.

Called LaserEyes, the device is built around an existing set of wrap-around laser-protection glasses. It incorporates two red aiming lasers, two blue burning lasers, and blue LEDs in the arms, to indicate that it's powered up. Power is provided by an onboard lithium-polymer battery.

Priebe activates the burning lasers by blinking his right eye, which in turn flips a lever inside the glasses. The arms don't hook over the wearer's ears, but instead feature metal plugs that actually go into the ears ... which is probably closer to what Cyclops' glasses would be like, when you think about it.

As usual, Patrick won't sell you a pair or tell you how to make them. You can see them in use, however, in the video below.

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