Gaming and snacking go together like Mario and Luigi, but greasy mitts can be the difference between nailing that shot from the shadows or blowing your cover. Now Xbox Australia has created a limited edition greaseproof controller that might help gamers keep a better grip on their controller and their eyes on the prize – especially if that prize is a chicken dinner.

Created to celebrate PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) moving from the early access "Game Preview Edition" to Full Product Release (1.0), the greaseproof Xbox wireless controllers feature a patented, urethane coating that is grease- and oil-resistant. In addition to greasy grasps, the hand sprayed coating is designed to be impervious to minor scratches and splashes of water (but not submersion).

The controllers will be recognizable by Colorware's signature V2 gloss coating in gray and yellow thumbsticks and shoulder buttons, along with the PUBG logo and unique number stamped upon them.

Intended only as promotional items, only 200 of the greaseproof controllers are being made available worldwide. As such they aren't available to purchase, with the first five up for grabs through the Xbox ANZ Facebook page, where prospective owners are asked to submit their best "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" story – a reference to the message winners of PUBG see upon their victory. Australian gamers will have access to 10, with the remaining 190 divided up and made available in other countries.

Check out the limited edition PUBG Greaseproof Controller in the video below.

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