Nintendo has done very well out of its innovative motion controllers but maintaining its spot at the top of the console sales charts was always going to be an uphill battle once rivals caught up (or overtook) with their own brand of fully-interactive gaming. Project Natal seemed a little ambitious when it was first demonstrated last year, but 12 months and a rebranding later, Kinect appears to be ready for pre-order and most importantly, we have a price.

A range of retailers, including Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy are now taking pre-orders and have set the price at US$150. An unofficial "estimate only" price of US$149.99 is also listed on the Microsoft Store. This may seem expensive, but paying a premium for exciting new tech is hardly unprecedented.

A release date of October was also leaked, though since Amazon quotes November 4th it’s best not to get too worked-up before then.

With the Wii 2 still some way off, can Nintendo pull something out of the bag before Microsoft starts nabbing its market share?