Late last year, Taiwan's Xing Mobility offered a bare-bones introduction to its electric powertrain in the shape of an on/off-road supercar. Today, Xing Mobility has released footage and photos of a fully-clothed version of the 1,000-kilowatt Miss R.

Xing has released the test footage of the rally-inspired Miss R concept to coincide with the AutoTonics Taipei show, where the company is showing off the vehicle's modular battery system, while taking the opportunity to introduce a new 3.5 ton commercial truck that also sports the startup's electric drivetrain.

The video shows Miss R taking care of business on-track and off-road, with its new outer skin allowing it to shake off some of the test mule looks and wear the clothing of a show-ready proof-of-concept.

Xing says that the latest tests – undertaken last month at an undisclosed location – have provided useful data on the durability, handling, suspension and power distribution away from the tarmac, as well as validating track performance. The prototype's four 350 V motors and 1 megawatt battery pack reportedly allow the car to go from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 1.8 seconds – that's even quicker off the mark than Tesla's upcoming Roadster – before reaching 200 km/h in 5.1 seconds.

Miss R's battery pack is made up of 98 modules, where 4,116 cells are submerged directly in 3M Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid to help with cooling. The startup reckons that the entire battery enclosure can be swapped out in less than 5 minutes, which it intends to demonstrate in Taipei.

"Miss R is not just a toy to have fun in, but it is also a R&D platform from which Xing Mobility are able to innovate advanced electric vehicle technologies," said the company's founder and CEO Royce YC Hong. Xing says that it is currently working with commercial and industrial partners around the world to bring its technology to city buses, ride-sharing vehicles, construction equipment and boats. And trucks.

The new 3.5-ton truck on display next to Miss R at the AutoTonics expo has been dubbed Mr T, and is a converted light duty vehicle rocking a 350 V motor and 6,400 Li-ion cells in 150 stackable, immersive-cooled modules. The "Lego-like" design of the packs gives operational flexibility to users: modules can be removed to offer more cargo space, for example, and layouts can be modified to suit the application.

"The commercial vehicle market is primed for a conversion to electric drivetrains due to functional needs, increasing emissions requirements and public noise reduction," said Xing's Azizi Tucker. "However, this market is currently extremely underserved with many electric vehicle technology manufacturers focusing only on passenger vehicles."

The video below shows Miss R in action.

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